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CoolVision's life balance 

We provide Home Life & Work balance through the Hybrid Work Model.

During the Corona period, the labor market experienced a severe upheaval that hurt many businesses, some of them had to lay off employees. Businesses had to decide whether they were ready to enter a "new era" and adopt the remote work model or cease to exist. while many people lost their jobs including parents of young children, grandparents, and singles, we at CoolVision decided to extend our thinking and embrace this newly created opportunity.  

When we were faced with the mental and professional well-being of our employees, which included their families, the desire arose to continue to maintain employment stability as much as possible. The entire company moved to a remote work model. Adapting to the new situation was initially challenging, but as time went by, productivity increased, the employeeswere satisfied, and everyone enjoyed the new ‘normal’.  

After two years of madness in which the world learned to "live" alongside the corona virus, most of the hi-tech companies in Israel returned to their 'old' ways. However, we discovered at CoolVision that our employees work harder and better with the hybrid work model.

This new work arrangement has been a bonus for many working parents, as it allows them to spend more time with their children while maintaining or advancing their careers. 

Here are some testimonies of the successful combination of parenting and hybrid work that we have at CoolVision: 

Sergey Popov (NOC TL) – A new dad that just recently welcomed little Shawn:  

“The hybrid work model helps me to be with Shawn and not miss his precious milestones. In addition, I can help my wife more during maternity leave, to recover & rest completely. On the days I work from home, I manage to understand how well I really manage to juggle work and family and it gives me a sense of satisfaction. In a role like mine, which requires me to be available 24/7, CoolVision helps me combine parenting with work through the hybrid work and flexibility it creates, and with that brings calmness, satisfaction, and my wife enjoying her maternity leave more”. 

Alek Shpitalnik (Full stack engineer) - Young parent that feels it helpful to find a job that offers this type of flexibility:  

“There is no doubt that hybrid work with small children is more convenient. Instead of going to work every day and getting stuck in traffic, I get to put my daughter in kindergarten in the morning and that way I have more time with her. The hybrid work allows me to combine work from both home and the office, thus maintaining a high level of productivity. There is no doubt that Coolvision gives you the feeling that they trust you and want you to succeed." 

Nava Kfir (Bookkeeper) – Grandmothers maintaining a career. A grandmother of 6 grandchildren who is still working and finds it energizing to balance both:  

“When I'm at work I'm obliged to put my work first. Soon as I finish working, I change my work uniform” to my "grandma's uniform" and give my grandchildren everything they deserve.

I give all my free time to my grandchildren; we have many fun afternoons. I am also more available to my children if there is nothing urgent at work that requires an immediate response and quick attention. I have been working at CoolVision for 20 years and during all this time I have learned how to combine managing a household, being a grandmother, and work - there is no doubt that the hybrid and flexible work we have contributes quite a bit to this. Today, being a grandmother is not what it used to be. Now we combine a career with managing a family and cultivating personal time - I am grateful that it is possible for me in a workplace like CoolVision". 

Tanya Peri (Copywriter at Studio Team) – Parents with multiple children maintaining a career: 

“As a mother of four, I was no exception. However, I was able to maintain my position and find that balance, thanks to the flexibility that exists in CoolVision. 

During the Corona period, we had to work from home, and it required all of us some time to adapt to the new situation imposed on us. This, in addition to when the children are at home and need attention, but somehow, I managed to maintain my productivity. When it was decided at CoolVision to move to a hybrid work model,it allowed me to work both from home (3 times a week) and from the office (twice a week), it made life even easier for me. I thrive on the energy and buzz of the office when I am there and then the home balance when at home.

The hybrid work allows me flexible working hours and the ability to continue developing myself and my personal hobbies. All this is thanks to the importance of CoolVision in balancing life between home and work. I can easily attend my children's school events, doctor's appointments, and other important family commitments without worrying about missing work. This flexibility has given me the freedom to pursue a career that I love, and still be present for my family.

Michal Khodorkovsky (HR Specialist) – “One Main-parent". When the other partner works away most of the week.

“As a mother of two small boys and as someone who functions as the main parent who takes care of the house, as my husband's work commitment is to be away from us due to his security work, the flexibility and hybrid work model at CoolVision helps me find the balance between family life and the operation of the house, and my professional and personal development. The understanding of my manager and the company fulfill my needs as a young mother to help me maintain high productivity, professionalism, commitment to work, and loyalty – all of these are a result of the hybrid work model, prevalent here at CoolVision. There is no doubt that this feeling of being trusted and believed in makes you realize that with CoolVision anything is possible”. 

There are many benefits to being a parent working for CoolVision that incorporates the hybrid work structure. For one, it allows parents to have more flexibility in their schedules. They can also take advantage of early morning or late-night hours to get work done when their children are asleep.  

Another benefit we found of parenting with a hybrid work structure is that it can help to reduce stress. When parents can spend more time with their children, they are less likely to feel stressed, guilty, and overwhelmed.   

Of course, there are also some challenges to parenting with a hybrid work structure. One challenge is that it can be difficult to build relationships with colleagues when you are not in the office as often. In that, we have found the solution for this, we all come into the office, on Sundays and Mondays, this way we are able to maintain our in-office synergy and have some adult conversations. 


We at CoolVision believe that understanding the needs of our employees, while integrating the organizational business needs, results in maintaining the high productivity, professionalism, and personal development of each employee.

We are proud of each one of our employees, who are an integral part of the human and professional aspects that build CoolVision. This is the essence of what makes it what it is – an organization where anything and everything is possible. 

And... hey! there are all kinds of parents, including those for walking on all fours 🐶🐱.


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