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Want a job with the option to make a difference in people's lives all over the world?
What a coincidence – this is exactly what we do!

Naturally, we use our premium professional skills all the time, but life at Coolvision is so much more than merely professional excellence.

CoolVision for the Community

We believe that a strong community is the foundation of a thriving society. That's why we're committed to supporting local initiatives and organizations that make a positive difference in people's lives.

אריזת חבילות מזון למשפחות במצוקה.jpg

Food Packaging

לקט ישראל2.jpg

Volunteers at Leket Israel

זיכרון בסלון 2.jpeg

"Zikaron BaSalon"

Holocaust Survivor


The Israeli Association for Children with Disabilities

האגודה למלחמה בסרטן.png



National Association for Autistic Children


"Amutat Shekel"

An association that provides community services to populations with special needs, the elderly and youth at risk..

MicrosoftTeams-image (1).png

Mishloach manot to children's

Want to make a difference?

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