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Let’s Meet Our Cool Team

We pride ourselves on having the coolest team ever! We employ the best-qualified and most experienced people throughout our various departments within the company, but besides being true pros, they also fit our culture very well, making the work environment so much more pleasant and socially buzzing.


Constantly striving to push their careers, we offer our employees a range of professional benefits, including extensive on-the-job training and opportunities for continued learning, personal growth, and promotion within the company.


Sergey Popov

NOC team leader, joined CoolVision in 2018.

"My work ethic and connection to my position is very strong. I deeply enjoy being surrounded by my colleagues, and assisting where I can. At CoolVision I get the feeling that it’s not a ‘workplace’, but rather my second family. I feel supported, solidarity among my peers, and a sense of belonging.”


Anastasia Shapira 

Project Manager, joined CoolVision in 2015.

“Cooperation is an important part of my role. Luckily there is a great collaboration between the teams which makes it possible to create a successful product.”

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Diego Litman

BI Developer, joined CoolVision in 2009.

“I’ve had a lot of opportunities to be promoted professionally. Not only that, but I also have developed and grown as a person. Thanks to CoolVision.”


Amir Shinar

Developers Team leader, joined CoolVision in 2011.

 "Working with amazing people that always have great ideas, make the work so much fun and easy for me."

"Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people." – Steve Jobs

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